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Why I started this wesbite

So why did I start this website? I was having a show one eventful evening when I decided that I should get another website thing. My last site was a bit of a catastrophe, but this was to be elegant and purposeful. Having not decided on elegance nor purpose, I plowed straight onto domain name. Hmm, I thought.  What would make a funny but descriptive URL. felixgotawebsite? Won’t work in the future. felixhadawesbite? Time sounds off. Felixhasawebsite? I like it. After 2 days of procrastination off I head to my least favorite registrar, 123-reg. Why I keep going back to that scammy behemoth confuses even me, but it was lucky that I did. In goes felixhasawebsite to the search. felixhasawebsite.com? Too American. felixhasawebsite.co.uk? Too British. felixhasawebsite.net? Nobody will remember it. Wait what’s this? A sale? £0.99/year for felixhasawebsite.website? Can I shorten it? And so felixhasa.website was born! Next time I’ll be discussing the content of my site and the plans for the future before rambling on about Linux and school. See you then!