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Some linux stuff

As my title can inform you, I’m going to ramble about Linux. Specifically, my experiences using it for a week or so. For a whole week I only used Linux at home. Obviously at school and elsewhere I had to stick to Windows, but at home it was Linux all the way. So what did I like about Linux?

Firstly, I love the console. Unlike Windows’ terminal, the console on Linux is useful. You can easily do all manner of complex operations really easily. Going into it I had a vague idea of how to navigate the filesystem with bash, but now I’d say that I can do most things I need to do day-to-day without Google’s help.

Furthermore, I really enjoy the software available for Linux. While it is true that there is less variety of software, everything I love is available on Linux and works really well, with the exception of Hey, you can’t have everything.

Finally, I like my distro of choice. I run Elementary OS. Elementary is a distro built from Ubuntu, which itself is loosely based on Debian, although it has deviated from Debian’s source recently. The advantage of elementary is 2-fold. Firstly, Ubuntu is by far the most used Linux distribution, with makes it the standard for Linux development. Most software will be made to work on Ubuntu first, especially if the software is moving from Windows. This support is translated over to Elementary since it uses Ubuntu’s codebase. But why don’t I just use Ubuntu? The main reason is the aesthetics. I really don’t dig the Unity desktop, but I really like Elementary’s offering. It looks a lot like OS X, which may not be to everyone’s taste, but I really like it. I’m not so into the default apps, but I’ve replaced those and it’s really really nice.

So why did I stop? After an update the Network Manager software broke. I tried various methods to fix it, but I’m just going to wait for a new version of Elementary and reinstall that.

I probably got loads of stuff wrong in this post so please correct me.

How I designed this website

We left off last time with me talking about the domain. Not the most interesting but hey, it got me started. Today we’ll be talking about the design. I knew I wanted it to be something about me. I spent a while looking through some personal websites, and my favourite was vaguely similar to what I have now. The photo circle with bio at the side was inspired by it, as was the social icons. 3 minutes on fontsquirrel got me a heading font, and the paragraph font I just left as the browser default. I still have no idea what I want for my projects section, but don’t worry it will come. For any questions please leave a comment or use my contact form, and I should get back to you.